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7:00 pm
Capitol Theatre
Followed by Q&A with:
Screened in
Amy Elliot
57 minutes
County of origin:

Director: Amy Elliot
Runtime: 57 minutes
County of origin: Canada

In Yellowknife, the remote capitol of the Northwest Territories of Canada, the town dump is the city’s most popular and notorious manmade attraction, mined by a colorful community of thrifty locals. But the new city administration is determined to see it tamed, and the battle for Yellowknife’s identity is on.

Sponsored by:

Summer Of Smoke

Director: Jeremy Emerson
Runtime: 30 minutes
County of origin: Canada

This movie follows the story of Roxanne Landry and her extended family and how they struggled

during the Summer of Smoke with physical and mental stress. Roxanne was a passionate participant in our original SOS project and her story was so inspiring that it stood out as a narrative that summarized the lived experience of NWT residents during the summer of 2014. Roxanne and her uncles share their stories and experiences in their traditional home in Fort Providence, and the nearby small community of Kakisa that was evacuated during that fire season. Other’s story’s are woven into Roxanne’s impassioned storytelling to complete a picture of the summer that was so shrouded in smoke.

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