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YKIFF Winterlude

January 13, 2018
The Yellowknife International Film festival follow up event, Winterlude is a chance to showcase even more local and Canadian content in the dead of winter. With selections from Canada, NWT, USA and Poland.

END OF THE ROAD | JAN 13th 2:00 pm | NACC

Tai Uhlmann 112 min.

“It’s the end of the road and people at the end of their line come to Lund.”...Peter Behr

In today's political landscape, this film couldn't be more relevant!

Follow this real life group of American Vietnam war resisters and free-spirited Canadians and Europeans, escaping conformity and comfort for greener pastures. Not only did this eclectic group of dreamers, artists and intellectuals find Lund, Canada, they accidentally found each other.

Overeducated, underemployed and ill-equipped, this adventurous crew finds love, shares lovers and experiments with everything!

What ensues is a testament to anyone with conviction who has had their idealism challenged with the reality of the grindingly exhausting struggle to provide heat, shelter, food, water, raise children and love unconventionally.  

Not always a Utopia, the film follows their evolution from dropouts to community leaders and is filled with vintage film, photographs, original artwork and music created by those who were there.

Even if you have never peed in an outhouse or attended a home birth, you are going to want to see this film!


Radio documentaries from producers Joanne Stassen, and Janna Graham

3 concussions gave Miranda Currie a (temporary) French accent, and a new outlook on life 

Dec 11, 2017

When Miranda Currie woke up on the ice, she was confused. Her phone was ringing. It was her dad. "I don't know where I am," she told him... Miranda would fight for the next six years to get her life back.

From Yukon to Texas: a long distance solution for the San Antonio Four

Oct 31, 2016

Darrell Otto is a curious guy — he gets interested in things and just starts digging. This is the story of how a reclusive Canadian biologist became the most important person in the lives of four women in a Texas prison, more than 5000 km away.

BRIGSBY BEAR | JAN 13th 7:30 pm | NACC

Dave McCary 100 min.  USA

Brigsby Bear Adventures is a children's TV show produced for an audience of one: James. When the show abruptly ends, James's life changes forever, and he sets out to finish the story...

A TO B ROLLERSKI | JAN 14th 2:00 pm | NACC

Arnis Aspers  98 min. Latvia

“A to B Rollerski” is a feature documentary film that tells the story of Raimonds Dombrovskis' epic rollerski journey from Arctic to Baja back in 1988, covering 4200 miles in 90 days.

Raimonds is a Latvia-born US Olympic biathlete whose sudden life-threatening health condition forces him out of the 1988 Winter Olympic Games. Instead of giving up on his dreams, Raimonds recovers and embarks on a 90-day rollerski trip from Inuvik, Canada, to Baja, Mexico.

Born in the Soviet Latvia and emigrated to the USA in 1979 after troubles with KGB, Raimonds' dream is to compete one day in the Winter Olympics under the flag of independent Latvia. In 1988, it's still a very bold idea. He uses his rollerski trip as a way to protest against the Soviet Union regime and to explain everyone he meets that somewhere on the map is a small nation that has its own language and that craves freedom. While rollerskiing through Northwest Territories, Raimonds meets Gwich'in families whose language has been lost to school integration policies, and he finds striking similarities between their struggles to retain their ethnic identities. During this trip, Raimonds crosses paths with people who on an unconscious level help shape his future.


Pictures Don’t Lie
Lulu Keating 20 min. Canada

Through his own words, illuminated with family photographs, JJ Van Bibber tells the story of his life during a century in the Yukon Territory. In Canada’s far north, the Van Bibber family on the land, farming, hunting, trapping and fishing. Of mixed heritage, JJ and his partly native family negotiated the middle path. For most of a century, the Van Bibber family thrived in diverse occupations, from gold mining to running logs on the river.

Youth Rise: Selections
Various, Fort Smith, Canada

Alaska DGAF
MEL films 10:46

Who has time for doomsday anyway?

On July 4th, 2017, North Korea tested a long range missile that, for the first time, would be powerful enough to reach the United States — specifically, the great state of Alaska. And instead of the doomsday preparations you might expect from a place threatened by nuclear annihilation, Alaskans collectively…shrugged.

Gho Bah
Amos Scott 15 min.  Canada

A documentary about Dene musicians using their art to address reconciliation in Canada.

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