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15 Annual YK Film Festival Dates

October 1, 2021

This year the festival team is excited to bring you a program featuring stories across the NWT, Canada and the world. We try to program content that speaks to the northern experience and values, and hope that these films will bring you joy, inspiration, hope and empathy during these challenging times.

There is something for everyone in the 2021 festival program. We will hear from Caroline Cox and her film, Food for the rest of us, which has been getting alot of attention lately as it explores radical activism through farming. Also Suzanne Crocker’s film, First We Eat, whose family ate nothing but local food in Dawson City, Yukon for a year. Want to know what it was like to be at the standoff during the Oka Crisis, the film Beans, follows one young girl coming of age during this turbulent time between Quebec and two Mohawk communities. Festival Alumni Danis Goulet returns with her film, and Canada/ New Zealand co-production, Night Raiders, which depicts a dystopian future where one Cree Woman fights to get her daughter back. Yukon filmmaker, Kelly Milner, documents the experience of one Canadian teenager who volunteers at a Hatian orphanage over a decade, in the feature documentary, Not About Me.

Other local films include students paddling and learning skills from filmmaker Amos Scott in Paddling the Tsiigehnjiik, or On Pensive Waters, from Keith Robertson. Follow Miranda Currie and her Sled dogs as they go on a training expedition in, Tails on Ice. Have a good laugh with our Comedy shorts program, or get freaked out watching our Thrillers shorts program with films from across the globe. With all these gems, I would definitely consider a Punch Pass this year!

From all of us at WAMP and the Festival team we hope you enjoy the festival and engage with the many talented people featured in it and take advantage of every juicy opportunity. Many thanks to all of our partners and sponsors for their generous support!

See you online.
Jeremy Emerson
Festival Director

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