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Not About Me

12:01 am
Available Online
Followed by Q&A with:
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Screened in
Kelly Milner
County of origin:
Canada, Haiti, United Kingdom

Not About Me is a feature documentary about good intentions and unintended consequences.

When Morgan Wienberg, a well-meaning Canadian teenager, volunteers at a Haitian orphanage in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, her plans take a turn. She is part of an army of NGOs and volunteers with billions in promised aid, all rushing to respond to the disaster. But once on the ground, she begins to see their earnest actions have their own devastating impacts.

Determined to make a more meaningful difference, Morgan stays in Haiti and through footage that spans a decade, we watch Morgan challenge her own perceptions and privilege to become a more meaningful ally to Haitians working to build a better future. This is Morgan’s story. But it’s also about us, rethinking how we help and give.

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