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Blind Ambition The Wop May Story

12:01 am
Available Online
Followed by Q&A with:
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Screened in
Frederick Kroetsch, Tom Robinson
County of origin:

Shot on 35mm filmstock with an orchestral musical score, Blind Ambition brings to life the story of an inspiring and courageous pilot.

After learning to fly in WWI, a young Canadian man returns to home to start a bold career in aviation. Barnstormer, lifesaver, and intrepid bush pilot, Wilfred ‘Wop’ May proves the value of flight to the world. But when a 15 year old injury requires catastrophic vision surgery, he is forced to admit he’d done it all with only one good eye. Now grounded, Wop continues to push aviation forward by running training schools for pilots and navigators in WWII, creates the first Air Search and Rescue service, and opens the Arctic and Pacific Rim to commercial flight. However, this dedication leaves little time for family, and upon Wop’s death, his teenage son discovers how little he really knew his father when he travels the North and hears tales of his father’s adventures, heroics, and generosity - the legacy of Wop May.

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