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Director: Sepideh Yadegar
Runtime: 11 minutes
County of origin: Canada

This visual and musical feast sets the table for rich conversations about identity, belonging, creative expression, cultural appreciation + appropriation, and the complex terrain between intent, impact, and personal responsibility. Though Kim Villagante’s (aka Kimmortal) journey into the heart of who they are, and ‘what they love’ is doubtlessly unique, this story will deeply resonate with many 2nd generation immigrant youth. This short’s candid portrayal of the push/pull between adolescent pressures to conform, and ‘stand out’ also offers widely relatable gems of wisdom that can help us all along the way.

Skate Break

Director: Peatr Thomas
Runtime: 5 minutes
County of origin: Canada

Young man takes break from work, skateboarding along to see his favourite Winnipeg murals.

Puppet Karaoke

Directors: Ruby Slickeur, Nancy McNeill
Runtime: 3 minutes
County of origin: Canada

A look inside the fever dream experience that is Puppet Karaoke, with a twist even a puppet can't predict.

***WARNING: Mature Content

Jeep Boys

Director: Ruby Alec Pronovost
Runtime: 19 minutes
County of origin: Canada

Simon manages to take time off from his job to visit his girlfriend in Toronto. Only condition: Give a lift to JP, an annoying colleague. Their journey is in full swing until a cataclysmic revelation plunges them into a quest for revenge. All of that while listening to country music.

The Tape

Director: Kayla Craig
Runtime: 5 minutes
County of origin: Canada

After popping the ultimate question an actor must decide how far they are willing to go to be famous.


Director: Sylvia Borges
Runtime: 3 minutes
County of origin: Germany

In an era of smartphones an exhibitionist needs to find new ways to get seen.

***WARNING: Mature Content

Kitty's Naughty Knickers

Director: Caitlyn Sponheimer
Runtime: 13 minutes
County of origin: Canada

An aspiring law student resorts to selling her dirty underwear online, accidentally balancing the scales of justice with her ex at the same time.

The Cocaine Famine

Director: Sam McMullen
Runtime: 13 minutes
County of origin: Ireland

The Cocaine Famine is an Irish black comedy about cocaine and the futility of nationalism. Set in an isolated shed in rural Ireland, three characters play out an absurd scene in real time. The result is a short film full of playful humour and hard-hitting historical facts.


Director: Mischa Meyer
Runtime: 13 minutes
County of origin: United States

Police brutality protests boil in South Central Los Angeles as four teens plan a robbery and find themselves in a comic book store.


Director: N'cee van Heerden
Runtime: 18 minutes
County of origin: Canada

Chris revisits the Tiki bar where he made his first ever deal. He wants to celebrate the biggest deal he's ever made by drinking down memory lane. It is early morning and there is only one other customer, Barry, and the Barman. Barry is drinking to forget and is in no mood to celebrate anything. Only Chris' offer of free drinks for a week if he can't solve Barry's problems makes Barry change his mind. Barry has a unique problem. He came up with a truly original idea. And he is the only one immune to it. Chris doesn't believe a word of it and is determined to prove Barry a liar and win the bet.

A Broken-Hearted Solstice

Director: Fanny Lefort
Runtime: 12 minutes
County of origin: Canada

A professional mascot named Fauve gets dumped on the summer solstice, aka the longest day of the year. The icy storm she’s plunged into doesn’t quite fit with the current heatwave.

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