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Citizen Bio

12:01 am
Available Online
Followed by Q&A with:
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Screened in
Trish Dolman
County of origin:
United States

Citizen Bio is an in-depth exploration of the nascent Biohacking movement. In this new era of genetic breakthroughs, under the shadow of a new eugenics, we follow five biohackers as they self experiment and strive to put science and medicine back in the hands of the people; even if it puts their own lives at risk.

At stake is nothing short of control of both our individual genetic privacy and the collective stewardship of our genetic future. Citizen Bio is fiercely challenging the governmental and secretive research agencies who seek legal control over scientific advances, human reproductive capacities, and one’s own body. This is everyone's conversation, and the collective hair on the back of our necks should be standing.

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