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Grow Together

Director: Matt Moreland
Runtime: 3 minutes
County of origin: Canada

With a combination of poetry and visual metaphors, Grow Together emphasizes societal views of individualist thinking while holding on to the hope that acting as a community can be the solution of overcoming divisive politics.


Directors: Isorine Marc, Charmaine Kachibaia
Runtime: 17 minutes
County of origin: Canada

"Unlocked: A Flow of Colourful Connections in Lock down" is a short film/art video that captures the personal journey of eleven women from The Esplanade neighbourhood, downtown Toronto, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the Spring of 2020, eleven women were asked to express artistically how months of isolation has affected their sense of identity. In answering the question, “what is left of me,” each participant, multi-generational and all residents of the Esplanade community, was paired with a professional artist to assists them in the creation process.

An abstract symphony of thoughts, emotions, and reflection, Unlocked offers a window into the emotional lives of women. From isolated days that connected them with close family, to sleepless nights which drew them to take a closer look inward, to a new relation to time that led them to dive into forgotten interests, these stories invite the viewer to contemplate how the pandemic has impacted each of us differently.

Filmed entirely in the Esplanade neighbourhood - in the middle of the road, in a living room, under balconies, in the park - these interwoven stories express feelings of joy and comfort, melancholy and hope, loss and love through poetry, song, dance, sculpture, painting and photography.

A project produced in partnership with Canadian Stage, and supported by Canada Council for the Arts and Toronto Arts Council.

Safe At Home

Directors: Sarah Galea-Davis, Dave Derewlany
Runtime: 4 minutes
County of origin: Canada

Part documentary, part fictional portrait of family life in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finding the Balance

Director: Steve Sxwithul'txw
Runtime: 15 minutes
County of origin: Canada

Part documentary, part fictional portrait of family life in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.First Nations on southern Vancouver Island are working to protect their territorial waters, these young divers are leading the way ... Finding the Balance.

Not Your Average Bear

Director: Cliff Skelton
Runtime: 15 minutes
County of origin: Canada

A daring robbery pulled off by the most unlikely of culprits. What an average man will do when pushed to his limits.

Ka tatishtipatakanit (Ethereal)

Director: Isabelle Kanapé
Runtime: 3 minutes
County of origin: Canada

A man spreads rumours about a local elder. To be forgiven, he will be put to the test. Ka tatishtipatakanit (Ethereal) is a poetic lesson about respect.

Obscuridad (In the dark)

Director: Mariano Franco
Runtime: 8 minutes
County of origin: Canada

A blind woman and her eight year old grandson walk over a carpet of dead leaves in a park. She recounts him the terrible story of the morning she woke up completely blind years before he was born. The boy is frightened and sadden by the realization that his grandmother has never seen his face. She can nevertheless see him with her heart.

The Day the Rocket Left

Director: Benjamin McGregor
Runtime: 3 minutes
County of origin: Canada

As humanity takes its next step, leaving behind a crumbling planet, a young woman reconciles her past through a message.

The Provider

Director: Jayden Soroka
Runtime: 9 minutes
County of origin: Canada

“The Provider” brings to life the experience of a man’s first hunt at the age of thirty three, eighteen years later than tradition holds, an event that would define his place in his community and open his eyes to where he belongs.

This Time With Feeling

Director: Spencer Glassman
Runtime: 10 minutes
County of origin: Canada

After a series of letdowns, Edith, a budding young actress starts to doubt her abilities and becomes more than a little unhinged.

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