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Three Feathers

7:00 pm
Capitol Theatre
Followed by Q&A with:
Screened in
Carla Ulrich
45 minutes
County of origin:

Director: Carla Ulrich
Runtime: 45 minutes
County of origin: Canada

When harm is done, justice must heal. After committing a shocking crime that devastates the innocence of their small community, Flinch, Bryce and Rupert are sent to live on the land for 9 months to explore the power of restorative justice. The Elders reconnect them to a life that was taken from them long ago, but it’s up to the boys to acquire the humility needed to return home and face their past.

Sponsored by:

ECE: Indigenous Languages and Education Secretariat

Sober House Project (Intro)

Director: Wendell Collier
Runtime: 21 minutes
County of origin: Canada

Sober House: A Sign of Change in Cree Nation tells the story of a small group of outspoken Indigenous youth in Northern Saskatchewan who are looking to break the cycle of generational damage caused by alcohol in their communities, they turn to a “Sober House” concept and take it to City Hall as a way to garner support for their movement.

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