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Short Program 2

1:00 pm
Capitol Theatre
Followed by Q&A with:
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Screened in
County of origin:

Don't Worry Don't Watch

Director: Benjamin McGregor
Runtime: 9 minutes
County of origin: Canada


Director: Deanna Milligan
Runtime: 7 minutes
County of origin: Canada

A man dreams of living in a world where people don't know how warm and cuddly he is.


Director: Benjamin McGregor
Runtime: 5 minutes
County of origin: Canada

A sleep deprived graduate is given the opportunity to return back to a comfortable way of life, but first he must reason with apart of his past.


Director: Caroline Cox
Runtime: 5 minutes
County of origin: Canada

Theatrical performer, Tiffany Ayalik, recounts a story from her Inuit upbringing about The Amautalik. A monster who collects children who are roaming in the wilderness alone.

I'll end up in Jail

Director: Alexandre Dostie
Runtime: 23 minutes
County of origin: Canada

A stay-at-home mom gets into a murderous car crash where nobody wants to take the blame.


Director: Ivan Sosnin
Runtime: 5 minutes
County of origin: Russia

Dedicated to wives of astronauts. Main hero of the film calls her husband-astronaut and tells about her day. And at this time he is in the orbit.

Grey Mountain

Director: Naomi Mark
Runtime: 19 minutes
County of origin: Canada

Grey Mountain follows the story of Beau, a 14-year old girl living in an isolated Yukon community and dealing with the recent loss of her mother. A shocking discovery at the cemetery throws Beau’s world into chaos and sets her on a journey to get to Pioneer Creek, a remote community 100km away.

This is Cindy

Director: Terance Miller
Runtime: 30 minutes
County of origin: USA

A 'Super-Realtor' confronts her biggest challenge yet, to sell a house that is inhabited by a poltergeist.

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