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Short Program 1

1:00 pm
Capitol Theatre
Followed by Q&A with:
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Director: Ghazal Tahernia
Runtime: 2 minutes
County of origin: Canada

Zar is the story of a woman who finds herself being danced around by the invisible hands of the puppet master. While being dragged around against her will, she rises up to the situation and tries to take control of her body in her own hands. 

The film is a stop motion animated dance performance based on the Zar rituals of southern Iran: a series of ceremonial events held by locals for people who believe they have been possessed by evil spirits. In areas where psychological and family pressures of traditional gender roles keep women constrained to their social position, these rituals act as a role of liberation and freedom for women. She is naked while wearing a traditional mask, representing a conflicted contemporary woman: one that tries to hold on to tradition while fighting against gender-based social roles and attire. The ownership of power shifts when the protagonist starts to fight against the outside forces and takes the matters into her hands; a battle that ends in her failure and in her falling into the same position that she started in.

The Left Hand Path

Director: Jessica Hall
Runtime: 14 minutes
County of origin: Canada

The art, philosophy, and religion of black magic practitioner James C. Kirby is explored while he creates a unique piece of jewelry using the ancient art of Lost Wax casting.

Snow Warrior

Director: Frederick Kroetsch
Runtime: 8 minutes
County of origin: Canada

Snow Warrior is a love letter to the splendour of winter.It captures the beauty of a northern city through the eyes of a bicycle courier named Mariah. We see her ready herself and her bike for a grueling day’s work of racing through the snow and traffic to get her deliveries into the hands of her customers.

The Steppes of Khazar

Director: Sofiia Melnyk
Runtime: 7 minutes
County of origin: Germany

The fate of the Khazar people, as it is told by their conquerors – loosely based on “Dictionary of the Khazars” by Milorad Pavic.


Director: Anne-Christine Plate
Runtime: 6 minutes
County of origin: Germany

The film depicts thoughts and feelings of a mother with her so-called mentally disabled son. While she moves with him through everyday life, her ambivalent feelings, her struggles to accept him as he is, get into her way. The story is told as an associative montage of scenes, following feelings and experiences of the mother, as we listen to her inner monologue.

Carlotta's Face

Director: Valentin Riedl
Runtime: 5 minutes
County of origin: Germany

As a child, Carlotta didn’t expect the people around here to have faces. She even doesn’t recognize her own face. Years later, she learns about a rare, untreatable deficit of her brain. It was art, after all, that offered her a way to finally recognize herself.

EMBRACES & the touch of skin

Director: Sara Koppel
Runtime: 3 minutes
County of origin: Denmark

“EMBRACES & the touch of skin” is an animated poem about the vital need for embraces and contact with other beings.


Director: Greg Holfeld
Runtime: 4 minutes
County of origin: Australia

A short story about art and work, giving and receiving, life and death, and things made from lumps of clay.


Director: Darcy Love
Runtime: 11 minutes
County of origin: Canada

The daily work of the apprentice never changes: make tea, prep the wheel, sweep the studio, bring in supplies, manage the kilns, and on occasion, sneak a peak at his teacher's pottery-throwing. Only once the potter is done working on the wheel each day may the apprentice use it to practice his throwing skills. Each morning, the apprentice presents his best work to the potter from the night before, and each morning the potter is unimpressed, crushing the apprentice’s work. Over three days, the apprentice’s frustration grows until he crushes his own work before the potter can. Immediately, the potter challenges his apprentice to make a pot in front of him and is pleasantly surprised by his apprentice’s progress on the wheel. Bolstered by the challenge, the apprentice presents a fine mug the following morning and the potter gives his approval to start a new pottery lesson the next day, “We start on handles tomorrow.” Elated, the apprentice runs off to make tea, continuing their daily routine, while the potter steals another look at his apprentice’s craftsmanship.


Director: J. Adam Brown
Runtime: 14 minutes
County of origin: Canada

When Amy arrives home from university, 12-year old Logan sees changes in his sibling for the first time - his brother Isaac is a few months into the process of becoming Amy. Each family member reacts differently: Jane thinks it's cool she has a new sister; Mom is forced to confront a reality she's put off dealing with. But this story is Logan's – chronicling his difficulty accepting his brother's transformation, and the idea that Isaac is gone.

Beaten Paths

Director: Guillaume Harvey
Runtime: 19 minutes
County of origin: Canada

Maxime, a rather cerebral blogger, is back in his hometown for the holidays. His father Jacques, a retired thrill seeker who's more the manual type, seizes the opportunity to get closer to his estranged son. His proposal : a father-son snowmobile ride…

Brave Little Army

Director: Michelle D'Alessandro Hatt
Runtime: 6 minutes
County of origin: Canada

The bold new girl at school inspires three classmates to follow her down a blissful path of self-realization, where they stumble upon a dark truth that forever galvanizes their friendship. Made with an all-female crew.

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