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Short Docs

1:00 pm
Capitol Theatre
Followed by Q&A with:
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*Screening Sponsor: Northwestel Community TV

Shit I Found Diving

Director: Caroline Cox
Runtime: 21 minutes
Country of origin: Canada

Jeremy MacDonald and his 3 friends love searching the waters of the sub-Arctic, looking for their next great find! In this episode they help rescue a car that has plunged through thin winter ice into Prosperous Lake!

Still from short film, Shit I Found Diving.

Birch Song

Director: Keith Robertson
Runtime: 17 minutes
Country of origin: Canada

Three families leave their regular lives behind to live together in the bush and make birch syrup.

Still from short film, Birch Song.

Cold Concrete

Director: Mathieu Quirion
Runtime: 20 minutes
Country of origin: Canada

A meditation on the remnants of the Cold War, scattered in the forests of Haute-Mauricie (Canada): The Parent radar base, built to detect Soviet bombers descending from the pole ... His sister, Casey military airfield, to accommodate the interceptors to shoot them down ... gigantic structures ... that never served.

Poster from short film, Cold Concrete/Beton Boreal.

Q&A with filmmakers


End of the Ice Age

Director: Shayla Howell
Runtime: 25 minutes
Country of origin: Canada

Two Northern communities, two Northern roads, one historic change.  The ice road connecting the communities of Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk in the Northwest Territories has been a way of life for more than half a century. Built from the frozen waters of the Mackenzie River and the Arctic Ocean, this road has brought families together, carried supplies, been a source of employment and a beacon to global adventure-seekers. The winter of 2018 introduced a new all-season road, ending the era of extended ice road travel in the Western Arctic. From freeze up to spring melt, join the families, builders, hunters, artists, athletes, and visitors who made the trip on the road’s final winter.



Director: Daniel Milligan
Runtime: 2.5 minutes
Country of origin: Canada

I document my dad, and lifelong Yellowknifer, Gary, as he drives from Yellowknife, NT to Osoyoos, BC.

Still from short film, Four.

3 Drops

Director: France Benoit
Runtime: 22 minutes
Country of origin: Canada

Everyone will lose someone they love at some point, death being our one, universal certainty. But how we deal with that loss is a wholly personal journey. In Three Drops, Yellowknife filmmaker France Benoit narrates the intimate story of her struggles during the first year after her environmental activist husband Doug’s terminal diagnosis. In an effort to connect to him and to find ground beneath her feet following his death, she continues their annual ritual of writing a letter to one another at Christmas time. Throughout four seasons, her written words are brought to life on screen through mesmerizing interpretive dance scenes choreographed and performed by Tomiko Robson. Benoit’s longtime film collaborator and director of photography Gary Milligan uses black and white to play with the metaphor of shadow and light being inherent in our lives and relationships, while a poignant performance by spoken word artist Paul Cressman underscores the sacredness of a marriage covenant. With original music from Carmen Braden, Three Drops is an inspiring, multidisciplinary exploration of one woman’s resiliency when ‘til death do us part’ becomes her sudden, new reality.

Q&A with the Filmmakers

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