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Radio Doc's

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Radio documentaries from producers Joanne Stassen, and Janna Graham

3 concussions gave Miranda Currie a (temporary) French accent, and a new outlook on life 

In November 2011, Miranda Currie's life was thrown up in the air after a series of head injuries. They left her physically off-kilter, exhausted and even changed the way her voice sounded. Miranda struggled to get back the things that made her life recognizable to her: an independent, outdoor lifestyle and her ability to play the fiddle. This radio documentary tells the story of Miranda's journey to get beyond her own determined personality to the surrender she needed to recover.  It's told by CBC North producer Joanne Stassen, based on interviews she did with Miranda over a six-year period. Two things made that possible: Miranda's openness, trust and generosity with her time and energy; and the support and producing skills of Acey Rowe at The Doc Project. The CBC network show provided the back-fill and editorial support that allowed Joanne to dig back through hours of audio to tell this story. The Doc Project works with CBC journalists and experienced freelancers. For information on pitching to the show, check our their website at

From Yukon to Texas: a long distance solution for the San Antonio Four

Darrell Otto is a curious guy — he gets interested in things and just starts digging. This is the story of how a reclusive Canadian biologist became the most important person in the lives of four women in a Texas prison, more than 5000 km away.

Produced by Janna Graham.

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