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Northern Shorts Program

4:00 pm
Followed by Q&A with:
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Screened in
County of origin:

Pictures Don’t Lie Lulu Keating 20 min. Canada

Through his own words, illuminated with family photographs, JJ Van Bibber tells the story of his life during a century in the Yukon Territory. In Canada’s far north, the Van Bibber family on the land, farming, hunting, trapping and fishing. Of mixed heritage, JJ and his partly native family negotiated the middle path. For most of a century, the Van Bibber family thrived in diverse occupations, from gold mining to running logs on the river.

Youth Rise: SelectionsVarious, Fort Smith, Canada

Alaska DGAF MEL films 10:46

On July 4th, 2017, North Korea tested a long range missile that, for the first time, would be powerful enough to reach the United States — specifically, the great state of Alaska. And instead of the doomsday preparations you might expect from a place threatened by nuclear annihilation, Alaskans collectively…shrugged.

Gho Bah Amos Scott 15 min.  Canada

GHO BAH was initiated by singer-songerwriter Leela Gilday. After inviting Paul Andrew, Stephen Kakfwi, Catherine Lafferty and Lawrence Nayally to be a part of a performance, the group chose to call this performance Gho Bah meaning 'first light of dawn.' The music created became their way of addressing reconciliation with Canada.

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