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International Shorts

1:00 pm
Capitol Theatre
Followed by Q&A with:
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The Oak Tree 

Director: Ethan Jahan
Runtime: 24 minutes
Country of origin: United Kingdom

In a peaceful village in the mountains of Lebanon, an old man named Fadel, makes a living from crafting canes for the elderly villagers. After a client places an order to him, Fadel heads to the forest to look for the right branch and finds the perfect one on an isolated oak tree. However, the branch is not tall enough, and still needs to grow. Given that, Fadel marks the tree by attaching a green scarf to it and decides to come back later. A few weeks go by, and Fadel comes back to cut the branch. However, as he arrives in front of the oak tree, he discovers that it has turned into a religious shrine for the villagers seeking its blessing. Although intrigued and confused, Fadel remains determined to cut the branch and deliver the cane to his client. Will he be able to get his branch or will the villagers stand in his way?

Poster for short film, The Oak Tree.


Director: Dabrowski Radek
Runtime: 19 minutes
Country of origin: Poland

A young man, after a few years' sentence, goes on a train trip. The journey becomes an opportunity to talk to strangers and take the form of confession or settlement for the past... The film is also an attempt to confront the stereotype of a prisoner-degenerate, a seemingly senseless man.  A film based on real confessions of a prisoner.

Film still from short film, Wolka.

Chocolate Wind 

Director: Ilia Antonenko
Runtime: 24 minutes
Country of origin: Russia

Lonely and indecisive 18 years old Alla feels like a Cinderella dreaming to escape from the poverty and shabbiness of the environment. Her old friend Masha, who is fairly reckless, finds Alla in Skype and like a fairy suggests her making all the dreams come true...

Poster for shot film, Chocolate Wind.

Like Dolls I’ll Rise

Director: Nora Philippe
Runtime: 29 minutes
Country of origin: France

200 one-of-a-kind Black dolls, a work of powerful original poetry, and never-before seen archival materials combine to tell a story of love, survival, and identity.


Ice Alive

Director: Eddie Frost
Runtime: 20 minutes
Country of origin: United Kingdom

For many, the arctic is a lifeless, sterile place, but Joseph Cook is investigating how a rich ecosystem of microbial life is thriving in one of Earth's harshest environments. Not only that, but these microbes could actually be accelerating the melting of our precious glaciers and ice sheets. Joe's pioneering work with remote sensing from drones (and one day satellites) could help us to understand the effects of climate change on our poles. His work may also help us to one day detect life forms on other planets and moons. This film features Chris Hadfield (former commander of the international space station) and is narrated by quantum physicist Jim Al-Khalili. Through spectacular landscapes in Greenland and Svalbard we see how all life on Earth is connected and our need for a greater understanding of our planet is vital.

Poster for short film, Ice Alive

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