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Canadian Shorts

3:30 pm
Capitol Theatre
Followed by Q&A with:
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The River of the Kukamas

Director: Nika Belianina
Runtime: 7 minutes
Country of origin: Peru

Being born from the spirit of the River, Kukama people have a special connection to the water. The river shrinks and grows throughout the year, affecting the lives of its citizens. Filmed at its widest state at the end of the rain season, we learn of the challenges Kukama people face today.


GIIWE: This is Home

Director: Merle Robillard
Runtime: 27 minutes
Country of origin: Canada

Brent Mitchell, was taken from his Ojibwe home in Great Falls, Manitoba in a practice referred to as the Sixties Scoop. He was brought to New Zealand by his foster parents where he suffered physical and emotional abuse and was sexually abused by someone outside the family. Brent travels from New Zealand to Winnipeg, Manitoba to reconnect with his family, home and culture. He also begins the process of healing from scars inflicted upon him by this colonial policy.


Good Girls Don’t

Director: Ana de Lara
Runtime: 15 minutes
Country of origin: Canada

A comedic short film about a Filipina-Canadian girl who defies her mother's warning that she will turn into a boy if she plays basketball. (Spoiler Alert: She doesn't!)


Director: Ted Sakowsky
Runtime: 26 minutes
Country of origin: Canada

This compelling and heart-wrenching drama offers a unique glimpse into the quiet life of Sam, a lonely young gamer, who is forced to face her insecurities and fear of losing her online friends.


Turning Tables

Director: Chrisann Hessing
Runtime: 16 minutes
Country of origin: Canada

16 min.  CAN

Joshua DePerry, also known as Classic Roots, is a Toronto-based music producer and performer pioneering “PowWow Techno.” Deftly navigating the two worlds that inspire his music, he puts his own spin on what it means to be urban and Indigenous.



Director: Vivian Belik & Naomi Mark
Runtime: 10 minutes
Country of origin: Canada

Faced with economic and physical challenges, a young Japanese expat prepares to compete in a 1000-mile dog sled race to fulfill her mother’s dying wish.

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